A recent transplant from Athens, Georgia, Katherine is a furniture maker and designer based in Corvallis, Oregon. Katherine lived in Athens for 8 years, gaining a Masters in Ecology from the University of Georgia in 2008. An introductory class at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship shifted her path and kickstarted her career in furniture design. 


Once I found furniture making, I immediately felt at home -- I was able to combine the physicality of making and the intellectual nature of design, bringing creations from my imagination into the physical world.


In Athens, she joined the crew at Oneta Woodworks and spent a few years building out local bars, restaurants and breweries. To further her knowledge, Katherine returned to the Center for Furniture Craftmanship for a three month furniture intensive, studying with Brian Reid, Yuri Kobayashi, Aaron Fedarko, and Mark Julianna. She apprenticed with Richard Shrader, who taught her additional woodworking techniques, and worked with Stalror’s Donald Cope, who helped her dive into the world of metalworking.  With this strong foundation, her furniture combines traditional joinery with modern clean lines, creating contemporary pieces with traditional roots. Katherine designs and makes each piece herself. 


“I enjoy the experiment of creating a unique one of a kind piece. With each project, I strive to expand my knowledge and skill. I always design furniture to fit both the client’s physical needs and aesthetic desires. I am drawn to design that bridges simple utility and beauty. I believe that furniture should be enjoyed as much for its aesthetics as its functionality.” 


Katherine enjoys creating quality pieces that will last for generations, especially in the current world of planned obsolescence.  Coming from a background in ecology, she always tries to source materials locally and utilize domestic hardwoods or reclaimed wood in pieces to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

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