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Examples of Student Work

Claudia's Bridge Table 

Made with Madrone, student utilized traditional joinery and CNC techniques. Bridge inspired stretcher created with house made plywood cut on the CNC. Table inspired by the Waldport bridge on the Oregon Coast. 

Claudia Perspective no Label_edited.jpg

Aidan's Lamp

Made with Walnut and canvas, student used traditional joinery, as well as, wiring the lighting. Wood donated by Western Hardwoods. 

Aidan Lit w_ Label.jpg

Savannah's Coopered Stool

Made with Walnut, student glued up sections using coopering techniques. Employing power and hand shaping techniques to achieve the ultimate form.  


Brandon's Appetizer Lazy Susan

Made with white oak, student glued up white oak and then used CAD to design the form using the CNC to cut out the final shape. Wood donated by Western Hardwoods. 

Brandon Perspective.jpg
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